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Teresa Boardman | Head of School photo

Teresa Boardman | Head of School

Teresa began her career in education after working in community mental health. She has spent 16 years in education starting as a school counselor. Teresa worked as a school psychologist and special education manager for a K12-powered school in Ohio and has served as the Northern Region special programs manager for the last three years. She has taught online at the college level as well. Teresa graduated from the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. She has earned two Master of Education degrees and an education specialist degree. Her focus in education has always been in working with students who learn differently.

Teresa and her husband Bruce have been married for 23 years and have two children together. Their beautiful daughter Genevieve will graduate from college in May and their son Joel is finishing his junior year in college.

Pieter Hoekstra | Principal photo

Pieter Hoekstra | Principal

Pieter Hoekstra is the principal of Insight School of Michigan. As a childhood immigrant to the United States, his family appreciated the importance of education to lifelong success and understood that there are many different models for school. Pieter’s own career has allowed him to come into contact with multiple models of education, each of which meets the needs of particular students in different ways. He began his teaching career working with middle school students both in Kalamazoo, Michigan as well as in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Over time, Mr. Hoekstra came to love alternative education, working with at-risk students in Marshall, Michigan. He served as a principal in a traditional high school, and as an education specialist for the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Mr. Hoekstra has a passion for helping struggling students succeed while empowering them to overcome many of the challenges they face on the road to graduation. Mr. Hoekstra feels very honored to play a critical role in helping each family he supports fulfill their educational goals.