About Our School

Principal’s Welcome Letter


Welcome to the Insight School of Michigan (ISMI)! This is the time to start another chapter in your story of success.

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! You have the opportunity to grow, learn, connect, and embrace the challenges before you. All students can learn, and we at ISMI are here to support your growth.

WE ARE CONNECTED! We take an “all hands on deck” approach, and as a staff we are dedicated to supporting our school families. The success that you will find here at ISMI is the success of your teachers, support staff, and the entire school. Students and Learning Coaches can always reach out to their teachers, counselors, advisors, and administration for help in their journey.

100% ACCOUNTABLE! Just as ISMI commits to being 100% accountable for providing the best curriculum and instruction available, ISMI students are expected to be 100% accountable to ensure that they do their best, are 100% engaged, and attend all their classes.

LIVE TO GIVE! Insight School of Michigan strives to create a legacy of successful students, giving our all every day. We ask our Learning Coaches and students to give their all, be brave, and make a difference in their lives and the lives of the people around them.

PASSION FIRST! Providing quality education is the passion of Insight School of Michigan, and we work passionately for the success of our students. Learning Coaches and students are asked to work passionately toward their success in school to open up opportunities in life.

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE! ISMI is grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful students and their families. We are grateful for the opportunities that a school like ISMI offers both to its students and its employees. Gratitude is an attitude that determines your perspective and your success. Thank you for sharing your school experience with us!

You will be learning about these 7 Mindsets all school year. These are the states of mind that have proven to be common among successful individuals regardless of where they come from. If we adopt these mindsets, success—while challenging—is attainable.

Insight School of Michigan has set three primary goals for all students, Learning Coaches, and staff. These are our ABC’s and can be summarized as follows;


Students are successful when they are present. Students and Learning Coaches are 100% accountable for daily attendance.


Behavior in an online school is engagement. Everything is possible when students and Learning Coaches are engaged in their learning.


Whether it is credit on a daily assignment or credit toward high school graduation, live to give your all on your work as you learn.

Pieter Hoekstra

ISMI Principal