About Our School

Our Teachers

Teachers at Insight School of Michigan (ISMI) manage all facets of the instructional experience. Unlike a traditional school, our teachers do most of this work remotely rather than in the classroom. Teachers communicate with both parents and students on a regular basis through various methods such as email, phone, one-to-one online meetings, and live Class Connect sessions.

As your child progresses, the teacher remains involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop a specific intervention plan if they are struggling with a concept. These difficulties are identified by assessments that come at the end of every lesson and unit; by the regular progress testing proscribed at the beginning of the year; and through direct check-ins between parent, student, and teacher.

In the higher grades, more instruction happens through real-time Class Connect online sessions. Extra sessions are offered, as needed, one-to-one and in small group online sessions to help students work through difficult topics. Teachers are all subject-matter experts available to help with coursework and answer questions: online, over the phone, and by posting information and advice for all students in the “Announcements” section of the course home page.